Tendering  is one of the great opportunities for those who want to try their hand at the European market. The European Union itself invests a great deal in this form of procurement, providing around 2 billion euros a year (equal to 17% of its GDP) for the purchase of the most varied goods and services. Despite the attractive opportunity, the participation in tenders by Italian subjects is relatively low compared to the potential.

Through TENDERBLADE, proprietary software, we are able to extract the relevant data from TED, the official gazette of the European Union, and define for our clients a final report highlighting the best opportunities and the approach with which to deal with them.

In the case of KPMG, which wanted to identify the most competitive entities in EU Funds, we created a complete mapping, thanks to TENDERBLADE, of the major competitors active in DIGIT and CNECT, identifying 3 new main rivals, one of which obtained 12% of the victories in CNECT.