Organizational Consultant specializing in Business Process Rengineering, Project Manager for Complex Projects, Counselor, Constructive and Non-Violent Conflict Management Instructor, and Decision-Making Facilitator with Consensual and Participation-Oriented Methods. In Europartners I found a place where my professionalism, developed in highly differentiated areas, could find a full integration. Europartners represents for me a bridge between two worlds: profit and local authorities linked to a more "canonical" consulting style and the world of schools and the third sector where counseling and training can accommodate an approach that also takes into account of the relational plan.

Reference books:

  • Enrico Euli, I dilemmi diletti del gioco. Manuale di training
  • James Hillman , Puer Aeternus
  • Hal e Sidra Stone, Embracing our selves: the voice dialogue manual