About us

Europartners is a team of consultants who have chosen to come together and work together to create a new way of making decisions. The diversity of skills and background is the basis of our work: the comparison of ideas and points of view, allows the development of synergies and innovative models, essential to build effective competitive strategies in Italy and in Europe.

Mail: info@europartnersnetwork.eu

Headquarter: Rome  Via Cardinal De Luca 1                  

Liason Office: Bruxelles  Rue de la Science 14B           


Team Europartners

Olivier La Rocca
Degree in Business and Economics, with degree in employment policy. Expert in labour policies and vocational training. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Europartners. With Simone Arnaldi we decided Viewing profile>>
Francesca Ganna
After her graduation in Political Science at the University of Cagliari, she came into contact with Europartners for the first time in 2016 as a trainee thanks to the Erasmus Viewing profile>>
Ernesto Marcheggiani
Professor Ernesto Marcheggiani is a tenured academic at the University of Marche Univpm in Italy and honoured visiting Professor at the University of Leuven KUL in Belgium since 2010. He Viewing profile>>
Stefano Penna
M.En in Telecommunications and Ph.D. in Nanophotonics for ICT, with research activities furtherly developed as Research Scientist at the Advanced ICT Research Institute – NICT in Kobe (JP). Over 10-years Viewing profile>>
Massimiliano La Franca
Experienced marketer and digital communication strategist with more than 15 years experience covering local and regional roles in Unilever (Becel), Leo Burnett and Mullen LOWE (Regional Planning Director Rexona) I Viewing profile>>
Elena Luchetti
Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and Management from Bocconi University. After an internship at the Italian Chamber of Deputies, she works in Rome in the accounting field. Later, she gains Viewing profile>>
Elena Cucchetto
Consultant for EU community projects and programs in the field of environmental innovation and climate change, and has a solid international experience in the development, drafting, and administrative and financial Viewing profile>>
Gaetano Fasano
Process consultant with contextual ability (quick adaptation spirit to different environments), socio-relational competence (understanding others, promoting others’ development, integrating diversity, empathy, effective communication, conflict management) as well as organizational skills Viewing profile>>
Manuele Messineo
Organizational Consultant specializing in Business Process Rengineering, Project Manager for Complex Projects, Counselor, Constructive and Non-Violent Conflict Management Instructor, and Decision-Making Facilitator with Consensual and Participation-Oriented Methods. In Europartners I Viewing profile>>
Mauro Dughi
I studied IT engineering, with a focus on database and “Big Data” analysis. Thanks to Europartners I had the opportunity to use my IT and algorithmic skills in very interesting Viewing profile>>
Anna Lisa Fuligni
Graduated in Tourism Economics, she is an expert in EU Tenders. With more than 12 years of experience in the field, she is specialised in drafting and management of projects Viewing profile>>
Gianfranco Zucca
Graduated in philosophy of language with a thesis on conversation interpretation; then I studied qualitative and biographical methods at the faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Rome “La Viewing profile>>
Pietro Cavarzeran
Graduated in Economics and strong of a significant European academic experience (Belgium, UK), in 2020 he obtained a PhD in EU Food and Agricultural Law at Ca’ Foscari University of Viewing profile>>
Samuele Lolli
Computer science student at the University of Genoa, passionate about everything related to new technologies and industry 4.0. The meeting with Europartners allowed me to apply the theory learned over Viewing profile>>