Since 1994, he is researcher at the Italian National Research Council in the Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies. He is responsible for researches in the Regional Sciences’ context. In particular, urban and regional planning is his main research topic: from the evaluation instruments (multi-criteria analysis) to the decision-making processes (advocacy planning, public participation, multi-level governance); from transport infrastructure planning and management (Ports, TEN-T, ITS, Logistic Platforms, Multi-Modality, Messina Straits Bridge, etc.…) to the Industrial Development Policies (Innovation Systems, Entrepreneurship promotion); from the collective learning processes and social networks to, finally, the studies on sustainable transportation. Since 2008, he is visiting researcher at the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the Ghent University (BE), where he participates to researches and courses in the field of sustainable transportation and transition management. From 2003 to 2007, he works at the European Commission - DG Transport and Energy in Brussels (BE), where he is responsible for the evaluation and monitoring of the Trans-European Transport Network. He collaborates, as advisor and expert, with several public and private organisations, as well as with the European Commission. Reference books:

  • Artur Glikson (1971), The Ecological Basis of Planning
  • Aldo Rossi (1978), L’architettura della città
  • Manuel Castells (1997), The Power of Identity
  • Ronald S. Burt (2005), Brokerage & Closure